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Skypot of Scheurich Skypot of Scheurich Skypot of Scheurich Skypot of Scheurich

Skypot of Scheurich

How many beautiful plants - and so little space! In small gardens and balconies, innovations are particularly in demand. Skypot from Scheurich will easily help to solve this problem. Thanks to the massive aluminum tube, elegant flowerpots made in Germany can easily be placed in a garden park.

Skypot has two very practical functions. At the bottom of the pot, there is a small water tank, from which plants can take water for themselves. This reduces the frequency of watering. If the water level exceeds the reservoir, the excess water in the corrosion resistant aluminum pipe pours directly into the ground. Thus, bogging can be prevented, and even after heavy rains there is no danger that the thin roots of plants will be damaged. Discover the 3d dimension!

  • Type Pots
  • Colour bright green, bright white, bright metallic gray
  • Appointment For balcony and garden
  • Material Plastic
  • External dimensions 16сm
  • Soil volume 1,40 l
  • Country of registration of the brand Germany