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About company TOMO

ТОМО is a part of the EUROIZOL, group of companies, which specialize in the distribution of building materials from the world's leading suppliers, as well as in providing services and developing solutions for civil and industrial construction. For 19 years, the company has participated in the construction of hundreds of facilities, and the intellectual and consulting resource MIZOL has several thousand solutions, that allow the use of building materials with maximum economic benefit and reliability.

EUROIZOL was founded in 1994 and now this is a group of companies, the largest of which are: MIZOL, EUROIZOL Geosynthetics, EuroTerm, AGRID,TOMO and EUROIZOL Constructions.

ТОМО is a professional and system provider of Ukrainian and international operators of the DIY/FMCG format,  as well as national operators of the e-commerce format. In addition to the distribution of building materials, an important direction for the company is to build up a portfolio of products in the categories of goods for the home, garden / garden, as well as goods for children. 

Today, TOMO already works with such world market leaders as: 


Our partners are: 123 (лого наших клиентов, включая Инет).