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The BIRRATEQUE ™ collection was developed in collaboration with Centro Studi Assaggiatori (International Sensory Analysis Specialists). Each type of beer has unique organoleptic characteristics, so each specific type should be served in the appropriate glass to emphasize all its organoleptic properties. The shapes and sizes of this new collection of glasses are the result of numerous studies and tests. This is the only way to experience the true aromas of beer. The shape and quality of the glass affects the color, aroma and taste of the beer. The shape of the glass should match the type of beer in which it is served. The internal volume of the glass should be larger than that of the beer poured into it in order to create an adequate aromatic bowl (Head Space).
Futuristic and original design created to impress. A strong leg gives a feeling of strength, while the size and angular shape of the glass concentrate and enhance the aromas characteristic of light seasonal craft beer, emphasizing the sweetness and richness of the aroma.Foam control system: laser engraving of the base of the circle helps maintain a thin and constant flow of bubbles to the head of the drink and, at the same time, reveal its aroma          
  • The product is made of high-tech lead-free crystal glass, durable, dishwasher safe.       
  • Certificate Istituto Eccellenze Italiane Certificate is an association of companies whose purpose is the identification, codification and certification of high quality products made in Italy.      
  • A 25-year warranty applies to chipped edges and legs, as well as discoloration after washing dishes.
  • Products tested by Centro Studi Assaggiatori Italiano.
  • Thin, reinforced and laser-cut edges.
  • Made in Italy.