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Manufacturer of designers Korbo - Polish company REMI specializes in the development of teaching aids for kindergartens, schools, children's educational centers.
Over 27 years of successful activity, the company was able to gain the confidence of not only the Polish market. Korbo designers are happy to play the children of the Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands and Dubai.
The list of equipment for primary classes, in particular, the designers of Korbo, correspond to the Concept of the New Ukrainian school in general educational institutions of the I degree in accordance with the requirements of the Order No. 137 of 13.02.2018 MOU of primary school classrooms "and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 14, 2016. No.988-p" On the approval of the Concept for the implementation of state policy in the field of reforming general secondary education " New Ukrainian school for the period up to 2029r. "