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Mirror Silver ceramic Flowerpots Mirror Silver ceramic Flowerpots

Mirror Silver ceramic Flowerpots

Metallic colours are in - as proven by current fashion trends. But splendour and glamour are also popular styles for interior designers. Silver has real star potential here, because no other precious metal can be used in combination to such great effect.

Mirror Silver is more than just a plant container! These silver decorative accessories beautifully combine extravagant aesthetics with functionality. Be it a modern loft or an exquisite family home, conference room, living space or an indulgent private bathroom, the three versions of orchid pots for medium and standard sizes are attractive decorative objects in any setting. Additionally, the Mirror Silver range offers further high-gloss cover-pots in differing shapes.

  • Type Pots
  • Colour Mirror silver
  • Appointment Universal
  • Material Ceramics
  • External dimensions 15 сm, 17 cm, 18 сm, 22 сm
  • Country of registration of the brand Germany