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Mixology Textures

"Mixology" Textures whiskey and beverage glasses new adventure with a collection of luxury Barware and Cocktail making equipment, created in collaboration with Yuri Gelmini, head barman of the Surfer’s Den in Milan and Futuristic Mixologist. The study and the search for new elements, expert hands which know how to mix and fine-tune new flavors, everything is left to the taste and the imagination of Futurist Mixologist Yuri Gelmini, and leads to forms of creativity and aesthetic expression thanks to both technical means and his ability deriving from study and experience in this field.
Textures DOF is a glass that is ideal for drinking whiskey, cognac and cocktails based on hard liquors.  
Textures0 Hi-Ball - A glass that is ideal for drinking cocktails, long drinks and various soft drinks.  
The dishes have a thick base, which provides maximum stability. It is machine made of glass. The material is environmentally friendly, easy to maintain and maintains its transparency for a long time. In addition, all utensils are subjected to special heat treatment, which makes its edge resistant to thermal and mechanical influences.
  • Textures DOF 380 ml / 6 pcs/pack
  • Textures Hi-Ball 480 ml / 6 pcs/pack