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Sky Hanger Outdoor pots Sky Hanger Outdoor pots

Sky Hanger Outdoor pots

Vertical landscaping is currently a popular trend. Each available 3D space can be used in full volume for a bright flowering life. Elegant hanging flowerpots from Scheurich will make attractive accents at eye level - with summer flowers on the balcony and terrace, as well as indoor plants in the house.

High-quality Sky Hanger is not only beautiful, but also practical and functional. At the bottom of the container there is a small water tank. If the level exceeds the tank, excess water can be easily drained.

Three harmoniously coordinated colors enliven the colorful combinations of summer colors. Sky Hanger also works well with brothers and sisters from Sky Line Scheurich - Skypot and Sky Balcon.

  • Type Pots
  • Colour bright green, bright white, bright metallic gray
  • Appointment For balcony
  • Material Plastic
  • External dimensions 20сm
  • Soil volume 2,65 l
  • Country of registration of the brand Germany