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Magnifico Magnifico Magnifico


The Luigi Bormioli Magnifico series is made of crystal glass and is distinguished not only by its high aesthetic, but also by its technical characteristics. All products undergo special heat treatment, which provides increased stability of the edges of the glasses to mechanical and thermal shocks. 
The technology of repeated heat treatment of the edge allows to achieve the same strength as the thickening of the edge, but gives, at the same time, the apparent lightness of the products. Also, the glasses in this collection have legless legs with titanium reinforcement for greater strength.
The product is made of high-tech lead-free crystal glass, durable, dishwasher safe.
The product underwent anti-abrasion treatment applied directly to the glass legs of the product to increase strength and resistance to shock.
  • Thin, reinforced, laser-cut edgings.
  • Innovative, elegant and functional design.
  • The elongated legs of the products do not have any seams, which allows them to be quite flexible.
  • The flat foot guarantees better stability and lightness at the same time.
  • Made in Italy.