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Finch Feeder for birds Finch Feeder for birds Finch Feeder for birds

Finch Feeder for birds

Winter is a serious challenge for feathered friends. Every day it becomes harder to find food. Take care of the birds - hang the feeder. To feed the birds is great. From all sides. For children especially. Here and the study of nature, and education in the child of kindness and responsibility, and, of course, great fun for adults and kids. And the birds themselves help trough help survive the cold winter.
  • Feeding trough is convenient for birds, you will not have any difficulties when digging food.
  • The roof and sides will help protect the food from snow, rain and wind.
  • The material of which the feeder is made is resistant to moisture, cold and fading, this design will last a long time.
  • The walls and corners of the feeders do not have sharp corners.
  • The feeders are small in size so that large and aggressive bird species do not attempt to eat.
  • Equipped cover for easy feed loading
  • Mounted on the railing or suspended
  • Made from high quality plastic
  • Color green
  • Feeder height 17 cm
  • Trough width 28 cm
  • Production country Czech Republic