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Composter Thermoquick Express 800

Composter Thermoquick Express 800

Garden Composter Thermoquick Express 800 is used to make compost by yourself at home. Compost is organic fertilizer, which has been decomposed from various organic matters under the influence of microorganisms.
Composter is a small construction, which helps gardener to prepare an excellent organic fertilizer, at the same time getting rid organic garden waste.
Good functionally designed composter not only produces compost, but also works as mini-processing plant, handling garden and organic wastes into fertilizers, while keeping odors and liquidates flies, constantly flying over the compost pit.
Made in Germany.
  • Volume – 800 l
  • 6 doors to extract compost
  • 6 walls and the cover of 2 halves, 12 clips to connect on the top
  • UV- stable
  • Material – PP
  • Warranty term 2 years
  • Product dimensions 123х123х96 сm
  • Packaging dimensions 94x56x9 сm
  • Weight 10,94 kg